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There is no one, not even anyone on the Boston Red Sox, who will tell you that the Red Sox winning the 2013 World Series makes up for what happened in Boston on April 15th this year. It’s ridiculous for anyone (mostly people completely unrelated to Boston) to suggest it. Having written that, Boston Strong absolutely took on genuine meeting regardless of some people thinking it was overused. As someone who spends more time in Boston than anywhere else, I saw first hand how much it meant to people to have that connection with other people in the city. Boston Strong helped an awful lot of people deal with something so horrible and so very foreign to us. Patriots Day is such a special day that brings so many together and no one expected  that someone would step in and destroy the happiness that day brings. But it happened and the Boston Red Sox, who have always shared a special bond with their fans, took notice immediately. Hokey to some, but seeing that Boston Strong/617 jersey in the dugout every night was a constant reminder that not only had something awful happened but the team wanted us to know if they couldn’t be with us their hearts certainly could. It strengthened not only the bond between the team and the fans but all of the people of Boston (and, in some ways, New England).  The Red Sox won in a walk-off on April 15th before heading on a road trip to Cleveland. In what felt like just moments after being on a walk-off high, we were thrust into sadness and devastation. The team knew this and tried their best to help pull the city out of that…and last night the team finished what they started. It doesn’t change what happened on the 15th at the Marathon but it sure feels good right now.

I feel like I needed to get all of that out. Nothing is going to change what happened, but for a summer (and a nice part of the fall) the Red Sox helped make things a little less awful. And that’s just one of the reasons I adore this 2013 team.

I’ll have more…right now I’m still bouncing off the walls.  Thank you, Red Sox!

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