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Thoughts While Trying to Ignore the Blow Out

Mike Napoli and Jake Peavy Celebrating the Red Sox winning the East last September (Photo by Kelly O’Connor/sittingstill and used with permission) I will miss Peavy but am happy for the opportunity this trade affords him.

Sunday is big family dinner day at my parents’ house. Yesterday there were fewer people there than usually are and there were still 7 people at dinner.  So we’re eating our dinner, enjoying each other’s company, when my brother-in-law turns to my cousin and asks, “So…what’s wrong with your Red Sox this year? Last place, huh?”

You’ll note I didn’t write that he said this to me. He knows better. My cousin is a pretty mellow guy. He laughed my brother-in-law off, said something about winning the World Series in 2013 and it was over.  But it stuck in my craw.

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Pedro Martinez wants to make you Lemon Chicken

In 2001 you could use this book to stalk players at their favorite restaurants in Boston and on the road!
In 2001 you could use this book to stalk players at their favorite restaurants in Boston and on the road!

Food makes everything better, right? I mean, that’s the point isn’t it?  You’re hungry, you eat. You’re sad, you eat. You’re mad, you eat. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway. One of the ways I’ve been filling my limited free time is by reading cookbooks and recipes and cooking and baking things I’ve never cooked and baked before. In going through old cookbooks of mine, I came across “Crowing the Plate”, a cookbook the Boston Red Sox wives published in 2001 (with the proceeds going to the Children’s AIDS Program).

It’s a thing of beauty. One page is a photo of the player, coach, random Red Sox employee (some with their families) and the alternate page is one or two recipes that he shared with the Red Sox for the book. It’s also a great piece of history, with players many have problem forgotten donating recipes to the cause. Pitcher Bryce Florie, infielder Craig Grebeck, infielder Chris Stynes and infield coach Nelson Norman all have recipes in this book. Remember them? Oh yeah, there’s also recipes from Manny Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez.

Manager (at the time) Jimy Williams must have had a sweet tooth. His recipes were  Lemon Meringue Pie and Overnight Coffee Cake.  Fan favorite Rich “El Guapo” Garces shared a Rice with Chicken recipe (in both English and Spanish), and the late, great Rod Beck donated a Fleisch Kuechle (Deep Fried German Hamburger) recipe as well as his(?) recipe for Beef Brisket.

Interestingly enough, this book is available to purchase through third party sellers on . I have to admit, there might have been a time when I would consider selling it but now it serves two purposes: it’s a piece of Red Sox memorabilia and it’s a cute little recipe book.  Two of my favorite things in one place!

Given how the team is playing right now, maybe the Red Sox should consider something along these lines again. Fans love any kind of insight into the lives of the players, even if it’s only through something like sharing their mother’s Easy Beef Enchilada with us (as Troy O’Leary did for this book). They could make some money for charity and publish a reasonably priced and functional piece of memorabilia.

I mean wouldn’t you enjoy recreating a recipe that Jonny Gomes cooks at home?

Well, until the Red Sox grace us with another cookbook, enjoy Pedro’s Lemon Chicken with Rice! pedrorecipe2