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Keep it Rolling

Possibly the best selfie ever (from Papi's Twitter account) I try not to lift photos from Twitter but I'm pretty sure Papi won't mind us sharing the love
Possibly the best selfie ever (from Papi’s Twitter account) I try not to lift photos from Twitter but I’m pretty sure Papi won’t mind us sharing the love

I couldn’t not post this photo. I just couldn’t.

I defy anyone to find another person as charismatic and lovable as David Ortiz. Especially someone rich and famous. He’s just amazing.

I have nothing to really add to today. I thought the President’s speech was wonderful. So personal and so much about the City not just the team. So because it was a long day but I still wanted to post…I give you my favorite part of the speech, courtesy of whitehouse.gov:

Nearly one year ago, hundreds of thousands gathered on a beautiful spring day to run and cheer the historic Boston Marathon.  But a senseless act of terror turned celebration into chaos, and joy into anguish.  Four young people lost their lives.  Hundreds were injured.  The city was rocked.  But under the guiding hand of somebody who I consider one of the finest public servants that America has known, Mayor Tom Menino of Boston, who is here today, and his lovely wife.  (Applause.) 

Boston stood resolute and unbowed and unbroken.  And as the smoke cleared, we gained inspiration from the injured who gamely tackled their recovery — those who are running and walking again, including the young woman who has returned to professional dancing with a prosthetic leg.  And we took heart from the first responders who put their lives at risk and bravely ran toward danger — people like Officer Richard Donahue of the MBTA Transit Police, who was shot and nearly killed that night.  After months of rehab, Richard is walking again and keeping up with his 18-month-old son, and we’re so proud to have Richard here today.  Give him a big round of applause.  (Applause.)   

Today, our hearts are in Boston again.  We’ve got the families of firefighters Michael Kennedy and Lieutenant Edward Walsh, who gave their lives protecting others from a massive blaze last week.  And their sacrifice, like the sacrifice of those made last year, remind us of the selfless courage of everyday heroes who put their lives on the line to help others.  The first responders, the brave citizens, the resolute victims of these tragedies — they’re all Boston Strong.  And ultimately, that’s what this team played for last season, and every man behind me did his part to keep the team rolling. 

Wanna win a DVD?

Road to the Big Leagues 3D

So while I’m still processing this ridiculously wonderful season, I received an email asking if I’d like to give away a DVD to help baseball fans get through the long, cold, MLB-less nights we have ahead of us.

Originally released in 2008, 2013 World Series MVP David Ortiz (woooo!!!!!) is interviewed in this documentary about the Dominican Republic and baseball.  But let the PR people do the heavy lifting:

In the uplifting spirit of the classic sports documentary Hoop Dreams, comes ROAD TO THE BIG LEAGUES, a grand-slam documentary from filmmaker Jared Goodman.  Offering a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Dominican Republic’s obsession with baseball, viewers will quickly understand that, to the residents of this island nation, America’s National Pastime is more than just a game – it’s a way of life.  And as the 2013 Fall Classic® gets underway, IndiePix® brings ROAD TO THE BIG LEAGUES to DVD.  Featuring interviews with Dominican big league stars such as David Ortiz and Vladimir Guererro, this documentary, called “a well-addressed portrayal of pursuing a dream, believing in your heroes, and putting every obstacle aside,” also features championship-caliber extras including a behind-the-scenes featurette from the Dominican Winter League, David Ortiz in training, an interview with director Goodman and more! 

 IndiePix Films is being terribly generous this November, offering up five copies of this DVD to the friends of Toeing the Rubber. Now I’d love to make this difficult with a trivia contest or the like but I think our brains are all still full of BEARD so I’ll make this easy (besides, I’m pretty sure we’ll be having another DVD giveaway coming up that folks will be excited for and I’ll need to make you all work a little for that one!).  So if you’d like to receive a free copy of ROAD TO THE BIG LEAGUES just leave a comment either here on this entry on the blog or on the thread where this entry is posted on Facebook. I’ll give you the rest of the week…until midnight on Sunday…and I’ll pick five random people and be in touch with you once I pick the winners!

So talk at me, peeps, and you could win a great little prize!