Thoughts While Trying to Ignore the Blow Out

Mike Napoli and Jake Peavy Celebrating the Red Sox winning the East last September (Photo by Kelly O’Connor/sittingstill and used with permission) I will miss Peavy but am happy for the opportunity this trade affords him.

Sunday is big family dinner day at my parents’ house. Yesterday there were fewer people there than usually are and there were still 7 people at dinner.  So we’re eating our dinner, enjoying each other’s company, when my brother-in-law turns to my cousin and asks, “So…what’s wrong with your Red Sox this year? Last place, huh?”

You’ll note I didn’t write that he said this to me. He knows better. My cousin is a pretty mellow guy. He laughed my brother-in-law off, said something about winning the World Series in 2013 and it was over.  But it stuck in my craw.

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Blue Who

After watching the Red Sox beat the Orioles, I watched the Rangers beat the Rays. The Sox win got them into October baseball for the first time since 2009 and the Rays loss knocked the magic number for the Red Sox down to one…one Boston win or Tampa Bay loss and the Red Sox clinch the division.

I know it’s real…but it doesn’t completely feel it yet.

(And now for a God-awful sentence that will hurt the brain of anyone who cares about proper sentence structure:)

Running the risk of sounding absolutely obnoxious, I have to admit that knowing there is a good chance the Red Sox will clinch the division this weekend in Boston…against the team so many experts – including a few in Boston – predicted would be the American League East leader and who isn’t even sniffing a chance to be in the playoffs…makes my heart ridiculously happy.

(Sorry about that but I’m both giddy and tired. I’m lucky I can type, let alone write coherently!)

When the Red Sox won tonight I tweeted that Bobby Valentine could suck it. Really, though, there are a boatload of people I could have tweeted that about because there were a boatload of people who not only didn’t see this happening but who REFUSED to see it happening. Well, it has. The first part anyway. The Sox have one foot in the door. This weekend (hopefully on Friday night.  Please let it be on Friday night so I can just enjoy the next week of baseball without any stress) the other foot will cross the threshold and this team will have “shocked the world” one more time.

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